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Office setup installation help

Office setup installation help

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To get started with your Microsoft Office Installation you must call our Toll Free 1-866-433-7817 so we can help you with your entire process to setup office product online. Have you Just bought Microsoft Office product ? If yes then you can complete your Office Setup online with your product key code. You just need open or into your web browser.

For more information about setup procedure check the guide below.

 callus 1.Call  1-866-433-7817           cropped-lrn-share-site-ms-logo.png2.Connect to Microsoft account
download 3. Confirm settings                            microsoft_office_15_web_logo_by_link6155-d537zjl  4. Get Office

Call our Toll Free 1-866-433-7817

Setup Support does not believe in the dissemination of confidentiality, security and preciseness of any corporate or personal information. To administrate the customer information legally, our company has set Privacy Policies. -Setup Support does not rent, vendor shares the information of the customers to any third party officialdoms.

Privacy & Policy

The information of the customer is protected under the laws governing -Setup Support. Categorising Purposes – Before any information is taken by the customer of the customer by any representative or the head of -Setup Support, it is our responsibility to categorise the reason for collection of the information.

Permission of the customer is necessary before collection, disclosure, use or sharing of any information to the website or for any other purposes except when required by law.

Restriction to the Data Collection
The collection of the details of each customer must be limited only to a certain extent and does not harm the customer by any means if he or she is not willing to share the information. The customers must share only restricted details and -Setup Support must collect it by abiding the rules and regulations of the company.

Restriction to Use, Retention and Revelation
The information collected from the customer is restricted to use only for the purpose for which the details were gathered. There should not be any use of the details after the purpose is served. Only the data provided by the customer can be used if the customer permits to use. There shall be no usage of the details without proper consent of the customer.

Protecting Information of Customers
The information of the customers is safeguarded and not shared with any third party organisations for the profit of the company, organisation or the customer.

Access to the Customer
The customer is allowed to have access to their information. They can request to amend or remove their information that he or she may find offensive to his or her reputation.

Suggestions and Complaints
The customers are allowed to ask any queries or information regarding the privacy policies of -Setup Support anytime. We cannot deny educating you with the privacy policies. However, the customer shall not be granted access to the information of any other person and that the company is restricted to share the details of any of the customers or representatives with other customers.

If you have any doubts regarding the privacy policies, you can contact us via phone or email.

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