Before we learn about Microsoft Word keyboard shortcuts, let’s take a brief look at what Microsoft Word is all about.

Microsoft Word is the most universal word-preparing program available; it’s natural in any event, for the most mechanically uneducated PC clients and is supported by the ground-breaking Microsoft Office suite.

Word has the ability to pass judgment on your punctuation and spelling, yet additionally, your composing’s multifaceted nature. For instance, does your composing meet the appreciation level of somebody seeking after a post-graduate certificate, or somebody actually learning their shapes and tones?

You can drastically improve your productivity in working with Word by utilizing the easy route keys to achieve various errands. After activating your Office Setup, looks for Microsoft word, open it, and create a document using most of the shortcut keys mentioned in this article. Note you can setup Office via this link setup

From the human variables perspective, the alternate routes wipe out the system of getting your hand off the console to snatch the mouse and find it cautiously on the right catch and clicking and returning it back to the console to continue composing.

Utilizing the alternate routes will feel somewhat abnormal toward the start, and you may question the productivity of utilizing them. Trust me – after you recollect them and you get acclimated with it, your work will get at any rate multiple times quicker.

Here is a rundown of console easy routes in Word, masterminded by subjects.

Note: The + (in addition to) sign signifies “Along with”, for instance “Ctrl+S” signifies squeezing the Ctrl key along with the S key.

Microsoft Office Word is a basic application in many organizations and home workplaces, yet would you say you are utilizing it as effectively as could reasonably be expected?

On the off chance that you need to continue going after the mouse, you’re easing back yourself down and stumbling your composing speed. Console easy routes can spare you a great deal of time, so here’s a manual for the most helpful console alternate ways in Word you should begin utilizing today.

60+ essential Microsoft Word keyboard shortcuts

General Actions


Save the current document Ctrl+S
Open a previously saved document Ctrl+O
New blank document Ctrl+N
Print Ctrl+P

Moving the text cursor


Jump to the beginning of the row Home
Jump to the end of the row End
Jump to the beginning of the document Ctrl+Home
Jump to the end of the document Ctrl+End
Jump one word to the right Ctrl+Arrow right
Jump one word to the right Ctrl+Arrow left


Selecting text


Selecting the whole document Ctrl+A
Selecting the whole row Home, and then Shift+End
or: Home, and then Shift+Arrow down


Find and Replace


Find Ctrl+F
Replace Ctrl+H


We hope this guide of Keyboard Shortcuts For Microsoft Word 2019 Step by Step Tutorials has been helpful for you.

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