How to delete a page in Google docs? Before we jump into this topic, let’s take a look at what Google docs is. How to use, and features of Google docs.

Google Docs is the word processor segment of Google’s online office suite. It’s a free option in contrast to Microsoft Word. It likewise has a greater number of highlights than you may understand.

Google Docs is Google’s program based word processor. You can make, alter, and share reports on the web and access them from any PC with a web association.

What separates Google Docs from its principal work area contender, Microsoft Word, are its cooperative highlights. Google Docs was one of the principal word processors to offer shared online report altering.

Google has made it staggeringly simple to share records across stages and work on them together continuously from a program window. Your teammates don’t require a Google record to see or alter the Google reports you to share with them.

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In this topic, we will Know-How To Delete A Page In Google Docs.

The first option of how to delete a page in Google Docs is to click at the end of the last line of the first page and then press the delete key on the keyboard.

Once you open Google Docs you need to open a document with more than a single page. Let’s we have 3 pages of doc open.

Let’s assume that out of the 3 pages, page number 1 has text all over it which we need to keep and, page number 2 is a blank page and, page number 3 also consists of some of our important data.

So in this case we will delete the 2nd page. Which obviously is page number 2.

  • The first option you have by which you can delete a page in Google Docs is to click at the end of the last line of the first page. Take the cursor there and press the delete and once you press the delete button on your keyboard your empty or the blank page will go off or in simple the page will be deleted from Google Docs. So this the first option of how to delete a page in Google Docs.
  • The second method to remove a page from Google Docs is to take the cursor at the beginning of the last page which in our case is page number 3. Click there and make sure you are at the beginning of the page which means before the first letter of the page starts. This time you will have to press the backspace button on the keyboard instead of the Delete key. By pressing the backspace key you will be able to delete the page in Google docs. Now you will have two pages in your Google Docs.

Note: You can undo these changes by hitting CTRL+Z key on the keyboard. Also note Google docs is not an application you get with or, it’s a free way to use Office online and documents are saved in the Google drive itself.

  • And the last method is a little obvious, but till now I have shown you how to delete a page blank Google Docs page by 2 methods. And both times we deleted our blank page which was page two in our case. This time we will delete a page with some content on it. In our case, it would be page 1 or page 3.  Just select all the content on the page you want to delete and then hit the delete or backspace key on the keyboard it will delete the text and then you have to press the backspace key one more time. This will delete the page from your Google Docs.

So that’s how to delete a page in Google Docs. Tell us in the comments if you have more ways to delete a page in Google Docs or how we can improve our blog.

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Hopefully, this article helped you learn how to delete a page in Google docs.

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